Fay Darmawi
Fay Darmawi

Civic Engagement

Public events that combine storytelling & civic engagement
for sustainable community development.

Street Utopia

Re-imagining Columbus Avenue in San Francisco. 2013.

NothernNews: A Publication of the Northern Section of the California Chapter of APA NOVEMBER 2013.

Crooked Street
Block Party

Converted Lombard Street (San Francisco) into a “park” featuring a youth-focused music/dance festival.  Closed to traffic for a day, rolled out turf over concrete, pulled out lawn chairs and enjoyed picnics. 2014.

Design as Protest

Design: Fay Darmawi, 2017

Be a part of Design Justice's National #DesignAsProtest Day to raise awareness of the role of strong design and visual messaging in social movements. From Shepard Fairey's Obama HOPE to Rosie the Riveter, political art has historically proven a powerful tool in inspiring culture change. Now more than ever, we must use what we've got, our own skills and talents, for equality and justice - on the 20th AND the following days, months, and years.